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We live in democratic India, the biggest democracy in the world. Our rapid progress in all walks of life, science & technology is praised and envied by the world. India is a future super power progressively moving towards excellence in every field. We lack almost nothing. Yet, ironically, we lag behind; the reasons being no education, poor education or unaffordable education.

Tragically there are about 8.5 million children who have never seen the inside of a school, never heard of ABC, never touched the pages of a book, never felt the gentle, guiding touch of a mentor. To top it all there is a shortage of about 600,000 teachers. The Govt. of India has been trying its best to redeem this sad situation but with little success..

International Schools, Public Schools, Convents, Private Schools, Aided and Unaided schools; for a common man these names make no sense. They remain nothing but a dream primarily due to unaffordable fee structures.

Yet there is hope in schools like Mount Sinai School; a home away from home. A place where children are treated with patience and love.

Mount Sinai is a School where education is for all.

Mount Sinai aims to be a strong pedestal for all the children irrespective of caste, creed, colour or sex, whereon they can stand without fear and realize their own potentials.

Almost 20 years since its establishment Mount Sinai remains the only ICSE & ISC school in this area. It has been and will always be a fountainhead of knowledge, moral instructions and principles.

An affordable fee structure, a loving and experienced team of teachers and a sound management makes education very much accessible to one and all. Yet there is much to be done, yet so many milestones to be achieved.

Every session brings with it new ideas, new thoughts and new targets.

Amidst loads of fun and learning Mount Sinai stands ready to help realize the dreams of a good education.

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